This EP will be available on audio cassette via SIXWIX Collective on 4/19/19.

"The Seattle based duo of Myke Pelly & Colin Dawson continue their sonic assault on our lobes with their latest single while saving just enough fidgety oomph to get your sally ass on the concrete dance floor. There’s a nervous energy in what Haunted Horses create, one that twitches & pulverizes under a shroud of inherent darkness." - 𝘚𝘤𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘍𝘰𝘳 𝘠𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘴



This EP is available on 8" lathe-cut and digitally via Void Assault Records.

"With their Cold Medicine EP, Haunted Horses venture further down their path of sonic exploration. These four tracks cover meltdown synth, thundering drums, and warped-out guitar, all atop song structures that pulse and sway like a scaffold in an earthquake. Issued on a limited run of 8” lathecuts and digital, the band puts forth as much sound in these nine minutes as some bands put on an entire album." CityArts

"There’s a nervous energy in what Haunted Horses create, one that twitches & pulverizes under a shroud of inherent darkness. 'The Banker' maximizes this energy straight outta the gate with Pelly’s thunder-drumming & rim clacking as Dawson blankets the track with an ominous soundscape and ghastly vocal. There’s some serious These Arms Are Snakes in the duo’s DNA, in that they have the ability to appeal to noiseniks, goths, & hardcore kids alike." Screaming For Years

"Seattle’s Haunted Horses unleashes 10 minutes of disorienting industrial noise on their new EP, Cold Medicine. Armed with nauseating guitars, pulsing percussion, and mind-altering synths, Haunted Horses deliver four new tracks of antisocial sound that draws influence from post-punk, industrial music, and psychosis." Svbterranean



Available digitally on bandcamp (link below). 
Also available on audio cassette from Cercle Social Records.

"The duo of drummer Myke Pelly and guitarist Colin Dawson have been clanging and banging with doomsday vigor over the last five years. Their new "COME" EP proves they're not waning at all in this important endeavor. The new material's a continuation of Haunted Horses' project to make rock grate again. "Assembly" rumbles and judders with the corrosive power of early Killing Joke. It's a steel-gray alarm bell to wake up and smell the smoldering rubble." The Stranger

"Haunted Horses reunited and returned this year with one of their most intense and frenzied releases yet. The “COME” EP, their first release since 2013’s Watcher, is a sprint of industrial punk visions. Drummer Myke Pelly and guitarist Collin Dawson have never sounded more brutal or more in-sync than they do here, pushing their sound to their darkest recesses and embracing art-rock experimentation. Now that they’re back, we can only hope for more shadowy opuses in the future." KEXP



The 2013 release is available in digital format (link below).

"Haunted Horses' album Watcher roves its eyes down tight catacomb passages. Tamped-earth elements of industrial and experimental noise cast post-rock, death-psych shadows. Corroded loops seep in and cycle under veiled, moaning vocals. There is a possessed tension to the songs, a dissonance that's by design." The Stranger

"These tracks are free-form and impressionistic, steering well clear of anything even closely resembling new wave in favor of hypnotic marches and schizophrenic song structures that veer wildly from robotic repetition to explosions of volume and dissonance and back again just as suddenly." CVLT Nation