"HAUNTED HORSES have returned with a new single, a throttling slice of noise titled “THE BANKER” in the run-up to their forthcoming EP ‘Cold Medicine.’ The Seattle based duo of Myke Pelly (drums) & Colin Dawson (vox/guitar/synths) continue their sonic assault on our lobes with their latest single while saving just enough fidgety oomph to get your sally ass on the concrete dancefloor. There’s a nervous energy in what Haunted Horses create, one that twitches & pulverizes under a shroud of inherent darkness. 

“The Banker” maximizes this energy straight outta the gate with Pelly’s thunder-drumming & rim clacking as Dawson blankets the track with an ominous soundscape and ghastly vocal. There’s some serious These Arms Are Snakes in the duo’s DNA, in that they have the ability to appeal to noiseniks, goths, & hardcore kids alike. Harnessing a dastardly talent, the Horses lean on a noisy pedigree while remaining unafraid to get the bodies moving."

Screaming For Years

Myke Pelly